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As a staff writer for Tom's Guide and Laptop Mag, I report on tech news, covering Apple, PCs, Streaming Media, Gaming, Security, and other beats.

Recent pieces and reviews include:

Oct. 15: I reviewed the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet. (Laptop Mag)

Oct. 13: I reviewed the $30 Roku Express, the cheapest streaming device, an aspect clearly visible during my testing. (Tom's Guide)

Oct. 4: I covered the Sonos event where it debuted an Alexa-enabled speaker, the $200 Sophos One. (Tom's Guide)

Sept. 27: I reviewed the updated-for-2017 MacBook Air. (Laptop Mag)

Sept. 25: I reviewed macOS High Sierra. (Laptop Mag)

Sept. 22: I reviewed iOS 11 for the iPad. (Laptop Mag)Sept. 18: My annual reviews of antivirus software for macOS came out. Check out our best picks here. (Tom's Guide)

Sept. 15: I reviewed the reMarkable tablet, a slate made for writing. (Laptop Mag)

June 28: I reviewed the 12.9-Inch iPad Pro. (Laptop Mag)

June 14: I reviewed the 13-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro. (Laptop Mag)

June 7: I reviewed Monument Valley 2 for iOS. (Tom's Guide)

My other favorite posts there have included:


Reviewing technology for the business word, with my personal touch.


From June to November, I wrote and published daily on Medium, the blogging platform founded by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone. I used social media to drive readers to my work, and my most successful pieces include:

The Miraculous Feats of Iñárritu’s Birdman or the Wondrous Virtue of Surprise
My review of the film, a post that was recommended by Twitter CEO and Medium co-founder Ev Williams. 

Jennifer Lawrence& 
Anita Sarkeesian& 
Zoe Quinn& 
Brianna Wu 
are Not To Blame

(My first piece on Gamergate, as it hit in early September)

Forced U2 Freebie Shows An Apple Stuck in 2001
(The corporate stooge-ery of U2's surprise Songs of Innocence release, as compared to Beyoncé and Run The Jewels 2: customer tweet-rage, explained)

Sure, Jon Stewart is Funny, But He’s Also Lazy
(Regarding the formulaic laziness of The Daily Show)

Where There’s A Story, Adventure Time Finds A Way To Tell It
(The Canonical Romance that Cartoon Network Wasn't Allowed To Air)

I Know This Sounds Crazy, But I’m (Mostly) Done With Amazon

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 8.29.37 AM.png

The Verge:

I contributed reviews of the first two episodes of The Simpsons for The Verge's "Every Simpsons episode ever, as reviewed by you" feature.

The Content Strategist

Patek Philippe

Cover versions [PDF]

My first magazine clip, Patek flew me out to Michigan to meet artist Thomas Allen. I talked to him about his photography wherein he cuts, folds, and poses the covers of old paperback books to create a unique moment. 

Shaping of a Life [PDF]

Spring 2011: Interview with Father Magnus Wenninger, a Benedictine monk who creates polyhedron models out of paper. 

Life and Times: Charles Woehrle [PDF]

The trip to interview Father Wenninger was immensely fruitful, as I managed to interview WWII veteran Charles Woehrle in the same weekend plane trip. Mr. Woehrle was a prisoner of the same Nazi prison camp the film The Great Escape was based on. This is the first edition of Patek's Life and Times series, profiling owners of their watches.

TV Mix:

Coverage of the news in pop culture, with a speciality in live event coverage:

Retired Projects:

THE BUSY SIGNAL, editor-in-chief: Co-founded with J.A. Myerson in 2010, The Busy Signal was a collaborative blogging effort to unite voices, none of whose output was frequent enough to merit a unique blog.

WINS+LOSSES,  co-host & web producer: Co-produced with Collin Orcutt, this weekly podcast ran six editions, each with digital trading cards designed, profiling the newsmakers argued about in each episode.

BELOW 34, maker: a single-serving web project, made up of photography from the week of the blackout caused by Hurricane (later Super Storm) Sandy. All images shot by myself, on an iPhone 5 camera. No filters were used.