Post-CES 2016

This past January, I was a part of the crew from Tom's Guide and Laptop Mag that covered the CES convention in Las Vegas.

You might think CES stands for "Consumer Electronic Show," but in fact, it stands for nothing. Just CES. Funny, right?

Here are two of my favorite posts from that trip:

WiTricity Shows Off Fast, Easy Wireless Charging: I took a meeting with the folks at WiTricity, who have developed an air-gap friendly version of wireless charging where power is sent with oscillating magnetic resonance. This means power can be transferred through tabletops for fewer visible wires, the human body for the medical field, and even a round peg for wearable tech.

I also had some fun with Everything from Intel's Action-Packed CES 2016 Keynote. Covered this one on my own, got to meet some nice folks, and pack a ton of content into a wrap-up piece.