Changes, Holidays 2014 edition

Thanks to   @darth   for the hat!

Thanks to @darth for the hat!

First, you might have noticed changes here at my little dot com. Some sections have been combined, and now I've got a logo. This 2.0 revision had been in order for some time, and I'm thankful that SquareSpace 7 was so useful in the process.

My every weekday publishing schedule on Medium has recently been put on hiatus. I'm proud of the writing I've put there, I've put the best pieces in Clips, but it was time for a change. A change that's happened, though, for good reason. Long-discussed opportunities are starting to hatch. I'll post links here accordingly.

As you may know, I'm still in the freelance stage of life, thanks to my old department being dissolved. If you know of anyone in NYC who could use my skills as an writer, editor, copywriter, social media obsessive, or some facet I've overlooked, please contact me.