​Welcome to HenryTCasey.com, something I've somehow avoided doing for the longest time. ​

At the Rooftop of The Met, via Cloud City.

This website ties my professional writing together with my various internet projects, and maybe what's in the pipeline. Sure, none of my day jobs have focused on technology, but somehow I've managed to try and put together two collaborative projects in as many years. It's almost as if I should be focused on technology in my day job. 

Also here at HenryTCasey.com, you will find my resume, samples of my professionally published writing, links to my pages at the various social platforms, a contact form for you to get in touch, and other odds and ends that I think are worth sharing. I'm not too horrible with a camera, so check out the Gallery, I will be posting some of my photography here as well.

Thank you for visiting. Submit a comment or question at the Contact page.

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