I should be the next The Masked Man Show co-host

Greetings Dave, and hi Producer Jim!

So, now that you've heard my hottest take, here's my resume.

First off, yes I'm in New York.

Next, aside from watching all the wrestling and going to see a lot live, I also podcast about wrestling. The show's called The Ring Post, it's at Ringpost.fm, and we'd do it more frequently except the co-host who lives in the UK has an insane schedule.

On top of that, I also write a fair bit, freelancing for Cageside Seats. Here are my 3 best stories:

Jun 17, 2018 Meet Keith Lee: The Biggest WWE Signing in Years

Aug 1, 2018 A Natural Progression: Jim Smallman on Progress Touring Worldwide, NXT UK, NJPW Booking Changing Wembley Plans and More

Oct 17, 2018 So You Wanna See Some BritWres? A guide for anyone looking to have the best time traveling to the UK for wrestling.

Other stories can be found below. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best, Henry

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Thank you for your time and consideration,


Spring 2018 Update #1: SXSW

This is going to be the first of a couple updates pertaining to the early chunk of 2018, so excuse me if I let some things slide off the table.


First of all, my thanks to the Tom's Guide/Purch family for sending me to cover SXSW in Austin, TX.

Next, Austin? You're a delight. Less weird than you might think, but a delight. 

What did I love at SXSW? Bose's AR glasses took me on a tour where the guide talked through the frames. goPuff is taking online delivery and amping it up to the trippiest levels.  Eddy Cue explained Apple's stances on acquiring apps and original content. Ready Player One's VR games gave me a moment that felt more alive than the movie itself. A search engine, but for music. Execs from Hulu and YouTube TV and Amazon talked Streaming Media.

I also just loved the overall mood. Austin was rocked by bombings during the days that followed, but the spirit I saw in that city was beautiful, and strong too.

And the food? Well, Aside from street truck stuff that was good, the best BBQ I had was the ribs at Stubbs and the best coffee was at Jo's.

Before I close this post out, let me just give a vague message:

Sometimes, it takes about a long time. Up to a year, maybe a little under or over, to make the change you want in your life. But if you combine determination with a will to work on your bad habits, you can find the results you know you deserve.

Until next time, keep it 100.