I care.
I care a lot.
It’s kinda my thing.
— Leslie Knope

I am a New York-native who self defines as Internet American, and a staff writer for Tom's Guide & Laptop Mag. 

There I report on tech news, review laptops and tablets, and write how tos. We look to enable our customers to make well educated purchases and make the most of what they own.

Formerly of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Rizzoli International Publishing, I graduated from Bard College in 2006 with a BA in Literature. I have since written for the Patek Phillipe International Magazine, Tech Radar, The Content Strategist & TVMix.

I am also:

  • a music obsessive who streams songs and collects vinyl,
  • found drinking cold brew iced coffee no matter the season,
  • in love with the Nintendo Switch,
  • and podcasting about pro wrestling at The Ring Post.

On Twitter: